Guilty as Cinnamon – REVIEW

4.5 out of 5 stars


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Photographed line of various spices - author not sure WHICH spices


Springtime in Seattle’s Pike Place Market means tasty foods and wide-eyed tourists, and Pepper’s Spice Shop is ready for the crowds. With flavorful combinations and a fresh approach, she’s sure to win over the public. Even better, she’s working with several local restaurants as their chief herb and spice supplier. Business is cooking, until one of Pepper’s potential clients, a young chef named Tamara Langston, is found dead, her life extinguished by the dangerously hot ghost chili—a spice Pepper carries in her shop.

Now stuck in the middle of a heated police investigation, Pepper must use all her senses to find out who wanted to keep Tamara’s new café from opening—before someone else gets burned…

Photograph of bags of spices - Author unsure what they all are - peppercorns, chili powder, and star anise for certain


I thoroughly enjoyed this second installment in the Spice Shop series.

The characters in this series are wonderful and I love each of them. I believe them to be well-rounded and yet, so far in the both books in the series, we see development amongst the main charcters, so they’re not stagnant.

The plot was much better than that of the first book. It had lots of twists and turns in it that kept me guessing right up until the end. I didn’t have a clue who had actually committed the crime until it was finally revealed. I made a few guesses, but I was completely wrong on all of them, which I like. I don’t like it when I can figure out who the villain is half way thru the book and then I have to sit there while the police fumble thru the evidence that seems so obvious to me.

I’ve never been to Seattle, but I can envision the market place from the descriptions given. I find the setting information to be “just right”, enough description given to help me form a blueprint in my head but not too wordy so nothing is left to my imagination.

I look forward to the next book in the series. In the meantime, I will definitely recommend this series to other cozy mystery lovers!

Photographed line of various spices - author not sure WHICH spices

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