Greetings! I’m starting this blog as a book review site and the occasional other musings/ramblings on life.  I’m not focusing on any one specific genre for my book reviews, but I will try to remember to separate them into catagories, making it easier to find the genres you’re interested in. 

I’ve created an About Me page if you’re interested in learning more about me. 

About a year ago, I started reviewing more and more books. I’m a part of three specific review groups, two for particular authors, and one for cozy mysteries in general. I’ve also recently joined NetGalley and am starting to review more books for them. While I post my reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, I thought this would be a great place to keep all my reviews in one place. Over the next several days to a week, I will be uploading/editing previous items I have reviewed. 

Perhaps once I’m more established, I will branch out into author interviews, giveaways, etc. For now, it’s just me and my musings. 

I’m glad you found me and hope you stick around!

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