The Park of Sunset Dreams – REVIEW

5 out of 5 stars

The Park of Sunset Dreams by Ava Miles - Picture of a park from the vantage point of standing under a tree - park bench under tree and two dogs on grassy area

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Jane Wilcox has a secret. She’s been the incognito poker scout to a rock star poker player dressed as a smoking hot poker babe. Now that role is over, and she’s living in small town Dare Valley, working as a dog walker—or so everyone thinks. Without her Jimmy Choo heels and Prada gowns, she’s trying to find her new sexy Inner Swan and a fairytale romance, but she’s afraid she might have turned back into “Plain Jane” until she meets Matt Hale in the dog park.

The sexy lawyer has a rambunctious dog that needs her Dog Whisperer skills and slowly they move from friends to lovers. Matt is one of the good guys, a hero, totally boy-next-door material. He’s returned to his hometown after experiencing a tragedy. He was unable to find justice for the woman in his last legal case, and now she’s passed away and given him her dog. He’s vowed to give Henry a good home and right the wrongs in the system, so he’s running for mayor of Dare Valley.

Jane and Matt fall in love during sunset walks in the dog park, but soon Jane’s secret past comes back to haunt her and harms Matt’s bid for mayor. Can Jane and Matt’s love survive the controversy?

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The Park of Sunset Dreams by Ava Miles is the sixth book in her Dare Valley series. When the book first came out, it was my favorite out of the whole Dare Valley series. Since then, it’s been eclipsed by The Bridge to a Better Life.

Jane & Matt are both down to earth characters and very likable. I think fear that Jane had about her past coming to light is a fear that many of us have and it was portrayed accurately and sensitively.

The writing is crisp, clean, and well done as I’ve come to expect from Ms. Miles’ books. The whole series is excellent! Check them out and see!

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