One Magic Moment – REVIEW

5 out of 5 stars.

One Magic Moment by Lynn Kurland book cover - Medieval castle in background with lake in foreground and snow falling

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Medieval studies scholar Tess Alexander is thrilled for the chance to live in a medieval castle. But then a trip to the village brings her face-to-face with the owner of the local garage, who looks a great deal like the man who married her sister…800 years in the past. She’s determined to remain objective about magic and destiny, but she can’t help wondering about that mysterious, sword-wielding mechanic.

Line illustration of swords


One Magic Moment by Lynn Kurland is the 11th book in the de Piaget series and the 17th book in the de Piaget/MacLeod crossovers.

Admittedly, Ms. Kurland is one of my favorite authors, but this book even stands above the rest for me. It’s in my top five favorites by her. Our hero, John, has also become one of my top five favorite characters in her books. He’s complex, difficult, stubborn and yet underneath he’s tenderhearted and sweet.  Our heroine, Tess, does not seem as complex nor as well-rounded as John, but she’s likable.

The story line is well thought out and complex. Sometimes it will have you on the edge of your seat in excitement and other times, it’ll be as calm and relaxing as a day on the beach.  The settings seem just beautiful as well.

One of the reasons I like Ms. Kurland’s books is because while they are part of a series, they can generally be read as stand-alone books as well. She provides enough detail so that newcomers aren’t too confused and lost, but yet she doesn’t bog down the veteran readers with too much repeated history.

Join John and Tess on their adventure and hopefully you’ll love it as much as I do!

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