The Pirate Queen – REVIEW

4.5 out of 5 stars.

The Pirate Queen by Alan Gold book cover - Red haired young woman dressed as a pirate with sword and gun in the foreground - sailing ship in the background

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Grace O’Malley commanded a dozen ships and the obedience of thousands of men. Her empire stretched from Connaught on the Irish coast to the cobalt waters of Africa. Through the daring of her piracy, Grace nearly bankrupted the English treasury-and her outright defiance brought embarrassment to Elizabeth I. Yet the lives of these two amazing women were inextricably intertwined-and their eventual meeting during the most brilliant and romantic era that Europe has ever known would shock the world.

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The Pirate Queen: The story of Grace O’Malley, Irish pirate by Alan Gold is a supremely fascinating book. I picked it up after hearing the name, Grace O’Malley, on an episode of NCIS.

I’m not generally a pirate fan, but I thought that perhaps with a female pirate, it would provide the strong female characters that I prefer. The book was extremely interesting and I was riveted to it from the day I picked it up. I happened to be in school at that point, and it was a good thing it was after the semester had ended, because I couldn’t hardly put it down.

This book actually goes back and forth between Grace O’Malley and Queen Elizabeth I. It’s a fictional tale but based on real life events that caused these two powerful females’ paths to cross and intertwine. It’s fascinating to read these ladies’ stories. If you at all like pirates or 16th century British history, take a look at this one!

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