Welcome – Take 2!

Welcome to Valerie’s Musings! I’m very glad you found me and I hope you find my reviews useful.

My first welcome post got a little buried amongst the backlog of the previous reviews I was uploading, so I thought I’d do a 2nd take!

I’ve finally gotten all of my past reviews added from Amazon, Goodreads, and my local library’s catalog.  Some of them were originally written several years ago and are perhaps not as full of details as my some of my reviews from more recent months. They’re also not as well-done as my more recent ones. I did attempt to update the older reviews, but I was not completely successful since it had been so long since I read the material.

Now that the backlog is uploaded and done, I will probably be posting about once or twice a week, depending on what I’m reading and how long it takes me to finish it.

This is a great time to start following the blog since you will no longer be flooded with many posts every day!

I also have a Facebook Page where I will be sharing each new post as they happen from this point forward. If you would prefer to follow the blog there, click here and then like the page.

I’m so very glad you’ve found me and I hope you continue to join me as I review books and have some fun!  Eventually, I hope to have the opportunity to do interviews with authors, other book-related facts/fun, and perhaps even a giveaway or two!



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