Just a little extra musing…

Okay, perhaps more rambling than musing, but you get the point.

Today is one of those days where I can’t seem to format and write a book review to save my life. Thankfully, it’s just a “normal” review and not a Blog Tour review. No one’s going to be upset that today’s review isn’t going to be written until tomorrow, except me of course. Then I thought, well, it’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day here in the U.S., maybe I can write something about him and about how relevant his words and actions were in today’s U.S., but nope, can’t seem to form coherent sentences about that either.

Instead of either type post, you get me rambling about it all. Lucky you. What do you do when you’re having trouble concentrating on something or writing something that needs to be written? Does it work? Are you able to get back to writing after that? This is what I do to try to get that concentration and focus back – I write stream of consciousness things and then edit them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  I also try to concentrate on something positive. That’s not an easy thing for someone with depression and anxiety to do and often times I fail, but I just try again the next time. Today’s one of those days where the weather’s not great, I don’t feel real great physically, and it’s very loud today (which being in a library, it isn’t usually, but we had an MLK concert that just let out), all of which make it that much harder to stay positive.

What do you do with days like I’m having today? How do you keep yourself from beating yourself up? Particularly those of you who write a daily or almost-daily blog. What do you do to help yourself get back on track?

Hopefully there will be a new review tomorrow and another later on in the week. Stay tuned.


One thought on “Just a little extra musing…

  1. I’ve had so many days like this. I tend to keep a blog schedule and plan out my posts. If I’m not feeling what’s coming up, I switch to something else. I also think this is good reason to join up with one easy meme, like WWW Wednesday. They’re such easy posts, and they don’t require too much thought.

    BUT, with that said, I love rambling posts. I think those are the ones that give us more about each others personalities. 🙂

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