End of the Month Review – JANUARY

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Obviously, I’m a few days behind on getting this up, but here’s a look at what’s been happening throughout the month of January here at Valerie’s Musings!

I read a total of 19 books in January. 15 cozy mysteries, 1 romance/women’s fiction, and 3 children’s books. Of the 19 books I read, I posted 7 reviews (an 8th was posted the first few days of February). I read several Agatha Christie books that I did not write reviews for, but most of the other books I read, I wrote reviews.

I’ve made some progress on my Reading Challenges as well. Since the majority of the books I read were cozy mysteries, I made the most progress on the Craving For Cozies and Cruisin’ Thru Cozies challenges. I’ve made headway on my Agatha Christie Reading ChallengeRead it Again Sam Challenge, the Library Love Challenge, and the Pages Read Challenge.

I was also a part of 4 blog tours during January – 2 spotlight posts and 2 review posts.

One housekeeping move that just happened in the last day or so is that I have given the author, Geneva Lee, her own page under the Steamy Romance page. I read more of her steamy romances than pretty much any other author, so I figured she deserves her own page.

Another housekeeping thing is that I updated the About Me page. I’ve separated it into three sections, About Me, About My Blog, Review Criteria/Guidelines. That way it’s easier for people to find the information that they’re looking for, whether it’s about me, my blog, or what I review.

Upcoming this month is one blog tour, one specific review for a review crew I’m part of, and hopefully some reviews on things from my back list of titles!


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