Happy Valentine’s Day!

Small heart with teddy bear face and paws peeking over top Happy Valentine’s Day! Small heart with teddy bear face and paws peeking over top

I’ve never been a huge Valentine’s Day fan. None of my family is really. We all maintain that we tell each other and show each other how much we love each other enough throughout the year that we don’t really need a commercialized holiday to prove it. And yes, I am single, but that’s mostly by choice. I like being single. I like not having the complications a relationship brings, so that doesn’t really have any bearing on whether or not I like Valentine’s Day.

However, I spotted a few other blogs doing things like Favorite book couples and Favorite book boyfriends/girlfriends, so I thought I’d do the same to help celebrate this day of love!

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Favorite Book Couples

These are not in any specific order, just the order in which they popped into my head!

Brooklyn & Derek – Kate Carlisle’s Bibliophile Series – Derek & Brooklyn ROCK! I have loved them from the very first moment. They compliment each other well. Derek helps keep Brooklyn from being too impulsive and she helps provide laughter and joy in his life, which when you’re the owner of a private security firm, it’s hard to find those moments. Plus, Derek is obviously completely besotted with Brooklyn, so that makes it even more fun to read!

Alexander & Clara – Geneva Lee’s Royals Saga – Alexander and Clara are such a wonderful couple. What starts out as just pure lustful attraction turns into a love for a lifetime. Alexander has always kept women at a distance, not allowing them to see/feel his scars. Clara’s the first woman to get through those barriers. They work so hard to overcome the obstacles in their path and they seem so realistic. So relatable. Those are just a few of the many reasons why I love them.

Morgan & Miach – Lynn Kurland’s Nine Kingdom Series – If I had to pick just one couple, Morgan & Miach would be it. I absolutely love them. Morgan is headstrong, oblivious to her past at first, and a great swords-woman. Miach, though he is the archmage of the realm and one of the most powerful men in all of Neroche, is humble, unassuming, and completely besotted with Morgan. I love them both and have read their story at least a half a dozen times since the first book came out in 2006.

Ashton & Lila – Nora Roberts, The Collector – Something about this book and this couple just has gotten under my skin and into my heart. I’ve read their story many, many times and the book was just published in 2014. I love the story line in general, but Ash & Lila’s relationship is a big part of that story line. Lila never thought she’d needed anyone in her life romantically, but Ashton completely takes her by storm and sweeps her off her feet, though she doesn’t recognize it at first.

Eve & Roarke – J.D. Robb’s In Death series – Seriously, how can you not like Eve & Roarke? They’ve both made themselves into their own person after growing up in abusive families. Eve’s a cop and Roarke’s a reformed criminal (his words). She’s used to having nothing and he’s used to having everything. Sometimes that comes between them, but they always figure out a way to work it out. (Though as a side note, I love them as a couple, but Roarke’s not really my type so not really my idea of a good fictional boyfriend.)

lovecl9 Stylized word "LOVE" with a heart in the middle of the O. lovecl8

Favorite Fictional Boyfriends

For this section, I decided that I wouldn’t limit myself to just books, but any fictional character, whether in the movies, on tv, or in a book.

Miach – Lynn Kurland’s Nine Kingdoms Series – Miach is now and probably forever will be my favorite. My number one choice. I love that he has the strength and ability to handle the responsibility of being the archmage (and eventually king) of Neroche and yet he’s humble, unassuming, and really doesn’t like all the royal trappings that comes with being Archmage/King. At one point he tells Morgan that when they must, they’ll be King Mochriadhemiach and Queen Morghain, but once those things are over, they can just be Morgan and Miach together. They can parry in the lists or shape change and go flying. 

Christopher LaSalle – NCIS: New Orleans – Okay, so part of this one is a huge celebrity crush on Lucas Black, but I do like the character as well. He’s been seriously hurt in the past, so it’s hard to get close to him, but once you manage to get close to him, he’s a loyal friend and gorgeous and sexy too!

Nick Mercer – The Wedding Date – I love this character. He’s sensual and sexy and yet, he knows how to keep a secret, and when to not pull punches. He can be fun-loving and serious. And of course my favorite line of the whole movie is when he says “I’d rather fight with you than make love to anyone else”. Ummm.. okay!

Eliot Spencer – Leverage – As with Christopher LaSalle, part of this one is just the pure, unadulterated crush I have on Christian Kane. But this was actually the first show I’d seen him in and I fell in love with the character before I really fell in love with Christian Kane, the person behind the character. I like guys who have the ability to be tough when needed, but who are more unassuming and blend in when they don’t need it. Eliot fits that bill.

Carter Maguire – Nora Robert’s Visions in White (Well, the whole Bride Quartet actually) – Carter’s just so lovable, at least for me. #1) He’s an English teacher – be still my beating, book-loving, librarian heart! #2) He’s pretty laid back. I, like Mackenzie in the book, tend to be more emotional and have far more mood swings. 3) He helps Mackenzie establish some firmer boundaries with her mother. I’d love him for just that alone really, but then round off the package with a man who knows words and how to use them and can weather mood swings – ummm, yes please!

Prince Adam/The Beast – Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – I’m very much like Belle in the movie (other than being a lot fatter than she is!). I’ve always been considered “odd” due to my intense love of books and lack of interest in things like drinking and partying. To meet a man/beast who would gift me an entire library?!?! I’d be his forever just because of that! Not to mention all the growing and changing the character does throughout the movie. I also tend to fall for those gruff exteriors with the soft interiors in guys too. So that’s a plus in his direction as well.

Red line with heart towards the left end (about an inch from the end)

Those are my choices – who are some of your favorites? Let me know below!  Stay tuned as I have two reviews coming this week as well, including the Blog Tour for The Drawing Game by Deirdre Verne on Friday, the 17th!

Teddy bear couple with hugging with hearts surrounding them  Girl teddy bear sitting on top of a red heart  Teddy bear couple with hugging with hearts surrounding them

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