End of the Month Review – FEBRUARY 2017

Alright, after being sick for a few days, I’m back at it around here. Here’s an update of what I read/reviewed during the month of February.

During the month of February, I read 16 books, wrote 11 reviews (with a 12th in the writing stage), wrote up 1 author interview, had 1 general book/holiday post and participated in 1 blog tour. Of the books I read, 7 were cozy mysteries, 6 were romance books, 2 were non-cozy mysteries, and there was 1 children’s book. The only books I read that I did not review were one book by Agatha Christie, one book I re-read by J.D. Robb (though I’m still thinking about writing a review for that one), and two books I re-read by Nora Roberts. The rest of the books I wrote up reviews for.

I made progress on a few of my reading challenges.

  • Goodreads Challenge 2017 – I’m up to 35 books read out of 175 for my goal.
  • Pages Read Challenge 2017 – I’m up to 10,156 pages so far in 2017. My goal is between 48,001 and 60,000 pages.
  • Ebook Challenge 2017 – I’ve read 16 out of my goal of 50 ebooks for 2017.
  • Craving for Cozies 2017 – I’ve read 22 out of my goal of 80 cozy mysteries for 2017.
  • Read it Again, Sam 2017 – I’ve read 6 out of my goal of 16+ re-reads for 2017.
  • Blogger Shame 2017 – I’ve read 2 out of my goal of 12 books that I’m behind in reviewing. That’s a good start!
  • Library Love 2017 – I’ve read so many library books already this year that I upped my challenge level from level 2 – just 24 books to level 4 – 50+ books. I’ve already read 17 from the library this year!

Since I’ve been sick, I’ve been doing a little re-reading and not reading anything new, but now that I’m feeling better, I’m hoping to get back to reading new things. I have a children’s book that the author asked me to read/review that I want to get done in the next few days as well as others (including an upcoming blog tour post).

Coming up in March, I’m a part of 5 blog tours, so that will keep me somewhat busy. In between those, I hope to get at least one more book done for my Blogger Shame challenge so I can continue getting caught up on those.

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