Little bits of organizing and progression

I decided that since I’m trying to organize my life better in other areas, that should include here too. I’ve gone through and made sure all of my reviews have the same formatting and look “the same”, which was a really good thing to get done and it did take a couple of weeks to do all that. However, it dawned on me about a week or so ago, that while I worked hard at the beginning of my blogging to move all of my reviews from Goodreads, Amazon, my library’s catalog, etc. here to my blog, I did not work as hard to make sure that the reviews were posted on all the other appropriate sites.

So that’s what I’m working on now, in little bits and pieces. I’m still reading and writing reviews (I should have one for Kate Carlisle’s newest book, Once Upon a Spine up tomorrow at some point), but I’m trying to get these little things taken care of so that publishers looking for my reviews can find them on the major websites and not just here on my blog.

Three bears - one with a vacuum, one with a mop and one dusting
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Sometimes when one is working on re-organizing, it can feel like things aren’t moving along quickly enough. I mentioned that today to my current financial advisor who’s helping me find all the “leaks” in my spending so I can save more. He assured me that while it may not seem like it, I’m progressing practically perfectly. Small, steady progression that will be easy to maintain. That made me feel better.

My dad asked the other night if I was back sleeping in my own bed yet and I said no, feeling a little down that I haven’t progressed much beyond what I had done last weekend. But he actually responded with “Good! I want you to take your time on all this sorting and cleaning.”

Do you have ways to stop yourself from getting too discouraged that you’re not progressing “fast enough” when working on something? I’d love to hear other people’s suggestions!

11 thoughts on “Little bits of organizing and progression

  1. I’ve been where you are (still am some days), so I understand. One [positive] thing to remember: everything happens in its own time. I often post about “baby steps” — that taking them towards a goal can feel like a short forever. But, ultimately, they’re still steps and they do carry us forward. Keep the faith and know you WILL get there. It may not be tomorrow or even next week, but you WILL arrive.

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  2. I feel your pain! I’ve been working with an Occupational Therapist to become more active in daily life. There are routines I do everyday. I start with a half hour of yoga at home, and then a half hour walk. Rest. Then clean out two drawers, or two shelves. Doing things in small chunks helps. Sometimes I over do it and I pay for it later. But little bits at a time and it will eventually get done.
    Good luck and take care!

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    1. Oh I so understand overdoing it and paying for it later. I was absolutely thrilled last weekend that I actually made it about 2 hours before I had to really rest. After that, I tried to rest at the end of each hour so as to hopefully continue the stamina. It helped a bit. Thankfully, this time, I did not overdue.

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  3. I think of the big picture, then break it down into logical steps. Somehow, if the steps are smaller I tend to do more in a day, and if I don’t, I don’t feel as bad because I still checked stuff off my list. I also set reminders in my calendar of the must dos for the day, but I try to only put 2 or 3 down. It gives me a better sense of accomplishment.

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    1. That makes sense. I’ve tried to break my room down by simply sorting everything into bins first. It has helped it seem more manageable. I need to go through my bin of papers as it’s getting a bit full. I really need to take like a full week off of work to just concentrate on my room and get it done, but 1) I don’t have that much available vacation time and 2) I need to hoard my vacation time as there are family members in ill health.

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      1. For memory type stuff I’ve found the following useful….I like the portfolio binders that artists use to display their work. I did this for my daughters papers. This way, I can take an easy trip down memory lane. My daughter likes boxes, because if something is a little thick it can still fit neatly.

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