Souvenirs from Around the World – #SFATW

Marie over at Drizzle & Hurricane Books came up with a delightful little thing to participate in called Souvenirs from Around the WorldYou can sign up and indicate what level you want to participate at. I chose to participate at the highest level. Marie then matched me up with a wonderful blogger here in the US and we’re exchanging gifts.

Deborah Kehoe of The Reading Chick was my partner this time around (which was my first time participating). If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, I recommend it! She’s interested in reading some different genres than I am, so I find it really interesting to read her reviews and other posts.

I received Deborah’s package earlier last week, but I waited until Sunday to open it because I wanted to be able to take my time, look at everything individually and take photos of everything to put up here on my blog. I had thought about filming myself opening it but luckily, I remembered in time that my level of membership on WordPress does not include posting videos!

The whole package was just awesome and I’m loving everything! There was great swag, some books, and even a food that’s more regional to her area than mine to try (which I actually haven’t tried yet but they look scrumptious!).


It’s a box!! Yay! For whatever reason, I decided to document the box just before I opened it. hehe.


These little patches are the first two things I found under the padding. They’re so cute!!!! They’re going to look adorable on one of the messenger bags that I use for work. I love that the “Get Lit” one has some purple on it (which is my favorite color) and the kitty is just too cute! I tend to gravitate towards grey kitties when I see them on things so this is perfect!


Next came the post card which Deborah wrote her note to me on. I love the quote from Stephen King. The “Certified Book Addict” sticker is pretty great too! I love the colors! I haven’t decided where I’m going to put it though. I think I’m going to bring the postcard into work and hang it on my bulletin board in my cubicle.


This way cool button came next. I love it! I haven’t quite decided where I want it yet. I might put it on one of my book bags or maybe on my lanyard for work or who knows?! It’s just cool and a great little quote.


After the button, sticker, and postcard, I found this absolutely BEAUTIFUL ‘Alice in Wonderland’ scarf. I happen to be a fan of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (the book and several of the movie adaptations) so it’s perfect for me! I can’t wait to wear it to work one day this week. I think I’ve picked the outfit to go with it. I’ll take a picture of me with it on and post it when I wear it.


Under the scarf I found three books that I haven’t read yet and they all look very interesting! These two are from a series that I hadn’t even heard of before but after reading the book jackets, I’m excited to be able to start them soon (probably not for a couple weeks given my blog tour/reviews schedule but soon).


This is the third book that was in the box. I’ve read one book in this series and enjoyed it, but I haven’t read this one yet, so I’m looking forward to it as well!


Finally, the last thing under the scarf was a box of whisky praline pecans. I haven’t tried them quite yet because I’d already had some sweets yesterday (Sunday) and I’m trying to cut down on how many sweets I eat per day, but I’m looking forward to eating a couple when I get home from work tonight!


A huge “THANK YOU” to Deborah for all the awesome, amazing gifts that were in my package. 🙂 🙂 I love them all!











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