Small Victories

Things on this end have been so-so lately. Apparently, mid-October is a rough time mentally/emotionally for me. I never realized this, but my therapist and my best friend both say that every year this time is difficult so I trust them!


Given that, I’ve been focusing on small victories lately.

  • Over the weekend, I got a bookshelf moved by myself (it’s a tall skinny one, easy to move alone), I cleared off another so my dad and I can take it to the basement (hopefully this weekend), and cleaned out my entertainment center so it’ll be easier to move.
  • This week I’ve also pre-wrote and scheduled some of my blog tour posts in advance. I’ve had a hard time lately – forgetting them or having life get in the way and they ended up posted late. Now I don’t have to worry about the next 3 posts. They’re already written and scheduled to post. That makes me feel good.
  • In the past, I had a real problem with self-harm. I still have urges now and again since it’s somewhat of an addiction, just instead of drowning my sorrows in alcohol, I did it with cutting. It’s just easier to say no to the urges now than it was in the past. The other night, the urge was pretty strong, but I did not give in, so I’m proud of that.
  • I’m diabetic and I’m doing better at not eating so many sweets. I’m never going to be someone who doesn’t eat any at all – ice cream is my vice. BUT, knowing I was going to have ice cream after work last night, I said no to a cupcake. Yay!


Sometimes, the way the world eats at us and gets us down, we’ve gotta find the small things that will lift those spirits. Most of the time it’s my adorable niece and sweet nephew who lift my spirits, but this week, I found some other victories.

What kind of small things have you been grateful for lately? Any victories you want to share?

9 thoughts on “Small Victories

  1. Congrats on your victories! Staying strong in the face of those cravings is actually a pretty big victory! You should feel very proud of yourself for fighting off those vices. You are healthier today than you were yesterday, and that is a big deal. Only the happiest of thoughts being sent your way 🙂

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  2. I’m a big believer in little things. My friends and I finished 2nd in bar trivia last night, yay. My daughters tennis team made it to the quarter finals, yay. I decided to try stitch fix and am overly excited that my shipment went out for delivery today. Meeting with a friend tomorrow to see awesome art exhibit. Loving my writing class. Learned a cool photography trick the other day. You see….I’m really good at finding little things that make me happy!!

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