Goals for the year


Greetings!! We’re about a month into 2019. I’ve been trying to figure out goals for the year. Not resolutions because let’s face it, those get broken quickly; rather goals that I can work on throughout the whole year.  I’m making note of them here to help kind of keep myself accountable.


Goal One: Post More on my Blog

Right now, my goal is to get at least two posts a week up. I used to do a lot of blogging at work because I’m a librarian and book blogging is work-related. About a year and a half ago, my job changed and the time I had for blogging at work disappeared like any chocolate that is near me.

I’m not shooting for specific days right now, though I’m going to try to do Mondays and Thursdays, but I’m NOT being strict with myself on the days. I’ll just be happy if I get two posts up per week. There may be weeks that I get more up because of blog tours or whatever, but goodness knows I have plenty of books that I’ve read that I have not written reviews for, so here’s hoping that I can get more of those up and update this blog more consistently.


Goal Two: Keep Using “Thrive” To Help Me Be My Best Self

A few weeks ago, I received a sample of the “Thrive” wellness program from a friend. It’s mostly vitamins and minerals with a little natural caffeine but not enough to make you jittery. I was interested in it because it touts a claim of providing more energy. Since I have so many mental health issues, energy is always at a premium for me. I never seem to have enough of it.

The three day sample I had was wonderful. I wasn’t overly jittery or anything of that nature. I simply had more energy to do things. Before I would have to choose between cleaning my bathroom and helping my dad with snow removal. I was able to do both in one day while I was on my sample. I’m ordering my first order this weekend when I get paid and I’m looking forward to just having more energy to do things.

Some people use the program to lose weight and get in shape. Perhaps sometime down the road that will be a goal, but right now, my goal is just using it to give me more energy so I can get things done around the house on my days off work. I want to also be able to do more things with my Tribute Rosie sisters and I’m hoping this will help.


Goal Three: Get My Finances in Order

I know this is often a goal for people, but I’m really going to work hard at this this year. I want to be able to start leaving the deposits I make into my savings account IN my savings account.

I’m working with my therapist to take care of some anxiety issues with riding the city bus to and from work most days. This would save me almost $200 a month in parking fees. Right now, my anxiety is too high to be able to really do it, but my therapist and I are working on that. I’m maybe pushing myself harder than I should on it, but I really want to start saving that money each month!

I’ve had some overdrafts in the last year from forgetting about automatic withdrawls so I want to get better at accounting for those right when I get my paycheck so I don’t have the overdraft fees.

Finally, I want to better balance saving and buying things I want. Sometimes I go on impulse shopping sprees which is not good. Thankfully it’s not often, but it can really mess things up and cause overdrafts too. I need to balance that impulse with my actual budget so I know what I can and cannot spend.


Goal Four: Go Through My Boxes in the Basement and Downsize

I have way too many boxes in our basement right now. There’s a lot of stuff that I’m potentially never going to use again that I can give to Salvation Army or another resale shop in the area.  There are papers that need to be shredded. And who knows what treasures I’ll find down there.

This is one of the things that I’m really hoping having extra energy from Thrive will help me get done. I’ve been wanting to do this for a few years, but the constant drain of energy just left me unable to do it.  I’m certainly not going to get rid of everything, but I’ve got cookware, books, games, knick-knacks, and other things that I just don’t need now and won’t need for the foreseeable future.


What are your current goals (if you feel like sharing, of course! No pressure!)? Are you trying to get something specific done or are your goals more long-term? These are just the four large goals I have for the year. We’ll see how they all go!

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4 thoughts on “Goals for the year

  1. Goals are not always easy to stick to, but yours are quite specific so that should help somewhat. I am with you on the going through stuff and downsizing. I keep saying I am going to do that, then I don’t ever get to it. I need to make a concerted effort this year. Good luck Valerie.

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