Super Quick Update on Me

Hi everyone. I know it’s been months since you heard from me. My health has been doing funky things, both physically and mentally. It’s made it hard to concentrate on anything and it’s made me very forgetful. 😦

I decided to stop doing Blog Tours for a little while because even though they were on my calendar, because I’m in the midst of a medicine change for ADD, I’d forget them. I’d have them right there on my calendar that I look at every day and I’d still forget them.

I’m still here and would like to get back to blogging but it’s lower on the priority list right now.

5 thoughts on “Super Quick Update on Me

  1. Hang in there Valerie. I hope you get all your medical issues worked out. When we don’t feel right, it is hard to do anything. Take all the time you need to get your health where it needs to be.

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