A quick update on posts

This is just a quick note to say that all of my review and spotlight posts should now have the Amazon Affiliate purchase link. I’ve been working hard on bring all of the reviews and spotlights up-to-date with that over the last few weeks.

All reviews should also have a similar format. When I started writing reviews, I never included a synopsis because I figured you can read that on Goodreads or Amazon. As I went on, I realized that I have some people who read my blog who may not be familiar with the books I was reviewing/spotlighting. I started including a synopsis here on my blog. When I post my reviews on Goodreads/Amazon/Barnes & Noble and other sites, I don’t include the synopsis, but here on my blog I do.

While I was updating the Amazon purchases links, I also put in the synopsis for the books. So now, all formatting should be the same.

A couple of housekeeping things

Hi everyone!

I debated about this post for a few days. The first item on the agenda I definitely needed & wanted to let you know about. The second item, I wasn’t so sure about at first, but I decided to err on the side of caution. Part of me is saddened about having to include the second item, but part of me also believes in being honest with people in regards to things they may not like/be offended by/etc.

  • I have decided to join Amazon Associates. What that means is that if you really like a book you see on my blog and you click on the Amazon purchase link, I will get a small amount of money from the sale (avg of about 4% of the price). I am NOT planning on having a lot of Amazon ads on my page. There will not be a bunch of “in your face” ads that we all find absolutely annoying.  But, if you click the Amazon link under “Purchase Links” and purchase the item from there, then I will receive the “commission”.  Currently all new posts have this type of link. Older posts are being updated as I can get to them.


  • I have been branching out with my reading material. I know that I have several followers who have conservative beliefs. I’m not here to change your mind about things or ridicule you for your beliefs (nor will I tolerate comments from others that are hateful, ridiculing, or otherwise unkind). I am, however, going to be reviewing books that you may not wish to read about so please be aware of that.
    • I recently discovered a series of ebooks that are romance, but are not “traditional” romance. These are romance novels focusing on gay men and their search for their true love.
    • I also recently discovered a series of cozy mysteries where the main characters are a lesbian couple. I’m barely into the first book but I’m enjoying it so far.
    • I’ve also started reading more “banned & challenged books” which can have more controversial subject matter in them; that’s why they’re challenged and/or banned in the first place.


I’m happy to have a diverse crowd of followers and I’m willing to tolerate friendly debate on issues, but I will not stand for hatred or unkind comments and will delete them. If someone continues posting them, I will ban that person. I’m not a social commentary blogger. I’m a book blogger.

End of the Month Review – JANUARY

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Obviously, I’m a few days behind on getting this up, but here’s a look at what’s been happening throughout the month of January here at Valerie’s Musings!

I read a total of 19 books in January. 15 cozy mysteries, 1 romance/women’s fiction, and 3 children’s books. Of the 19 books I read, I posted 7 reviews (an 8th was posted the first few days of February). I read several Agatha Christie books that I did not write reviews for, but most of the other books I read, I wrote reviews.

I’ve made some progress on my Reading Challenges as well. Since the majority of the books I read were cozy mysteries, I made the most progress on the Craving For Cozies and Cruisin’ Thru Cozies challenges. I’ve made headway on my Agatha Christie Reading ChallengeRead it Again Sam Challenge, the Library Love Challenge, and the Pages Read Challenge.

I was also a part of 4 blog tours during January – 2 spotlight posts and 2 review posts.

One housekeeping move that just happened in the last day or so is that I have given the author, Geneva Lee, her own page under the Steamy Romance page. I read more of her steamy romances than pretty much any other author, so I figured she deserves her own page.

Another housekeeping thing is that I updated the About Me page. I’ve separated it into three sections, About Me, About My Blog, Review Criteria/Guidelines. That way it’s easier for people to find the information that they’re looking for, whether it’s about me, my blog, or what I review.

Upcoming this month is one blog tour, one specific review for a review crew I’m part of, and hopefully some reviews on things from my back list of titles!


Just a quick note

This is just a super short post to let you, my followers, know that I now have my own domain name. It’s simply valeriesmusings.com. I’m pretty happy about this as it’ll hopefully make it even easier to promote my blog!  Have a good rest of your Sunday and beginning of your work week!

swirls of colors - red, pink, green, yellow, turquoise, etc. and a yellow smiley face in the lower left corner

Adding Something New

I’ve decided to add something new to my blog – author interviews. Primarily, these will be the authors who contact me about reading their books or those whose review crews I am apart of. We’ll see how it goes. I know this is a small blog in comparison, but hopefully I’ll have a few takers!  I’m sending out a list of questions to my first author tonight and I’m crossing my fingers that she’ll answer and return them so I can post that after I post my review about her debut novel.

Here’s hoping it works!

Two waterlily blossoms and pads - from the blog owner's own pond

Getting Back on Track

As I stated a couple of posts ago, life with anxiety and depression mean that sometimes “regular” life gets to take a backseat to the issues. When things are extra rough, it makes it hard to do anything “productive” including reading. Especially if I’m trying to read something for review purposes since that requires more concentration. I try to pay attention to more details when I’m reading to review. If I’m reading for pleasure, it’s often something I’ll read more than once so if I miss a detail the first time around, I’ll catch it eventually (and if it’s a mystery, I’ll probably go “D’oh!” because it’ll be an important clue to solving the crime!).

Thankfully, an adjustment of medications and some new techniques for dealing with panic attacks has helped and I’m back to reading my review books. I’m hoping to have at least one finished by the end of the weekend, but I’m trying not to push myself too hard. I don’t want to have another meltdown and end up not able to really read and comprehend things again.

I’m happy things are getting back on track again and hope to have a new review post by the beginning of next week for you all!

Have a great weekend!

Welcome – Take 2!

Welcome to Valerie’s Musings! I’m very glad you found me and I hope you find my reviews useful.

My first welcome post got a little buried amongst the backlog of the previous reviews I was uploading, so I thought I’d do a 2nd take!

I’ve finally gotten all of my past reviews added from Amazon, Goodreads, and my local library’s catalog.  Some of them were originally written several years ago and are perhaps not as full of details as my some of my reviews from more recent months. They’re also not as well-done as my more recent ones. I did attempt to update the older reviews, but I was not completely successful since it had been so long since I read the material.

Now that the backlog is uploaded and done, I will probably be posting about once or twice a week, depending on what I’m reading and how long it takes me to finish it.

This is a great time to start following the blog since you will no longer be flooded with many posts every day!

I also have a Facebook Page where I will be sharing each new post as they happen from this point forward. If you would prefer to follow the blog there, click here and then like the page.

I’m so very glad you’ve found me and I hope you continue to join me as I review books and have some fun!  Eventually, I hope to have the opportunity to do interviews with authors, other book-related facts/fun, and perhaps even a giveaway or two!