Library Love Challenge – 2017

Stack of books with 2017 Library Love Challenge written across it

The goal of this challenge is to read books from the library and not buy them. You’d think this would be easy for me since I work in a library and to some extent you would be right. However, many of my favorite authors, I simply buy their new books so I can support them as well as read them without having to wait in line for them.

I do read my share of books from the library tho’, so I’m going to start myself off with level 2 – “Thrifty Reader – 24 books”. I may end up moving up the ladder, but level 2 is a good place to start, since many of my books for review come as an ebook from the publisher.

** UPDATE February 28, 2017: Since I’ve already hit 17 books in the first two months of the year, I’m upping my challenge to level 4 – “Library Card on Fire – 50+ books”. **

Click on the link at the top or bottom of the page if you’re interested in starting the challenge yourself!

  1. Mystery of the Blue Train – Agatha Christie
  2. Peril at End House – Agatha Christie
  3. Lord Edgeware Dies – Agatha Christie
  4. Murder on the Orient Express – Agatha Christie
  5. Three Act Tragedy – Agatha Christie
  6. Death in the Clouds – Agatha Christie
  7. The ABC Murders – Agatha Christie
  8. Murder in Mesopotamia – Agatha Christie
  9. Cards on the Table – Agatha Christie
  10. The Water and the Wild – K.E. Ormsbee
  11. Egg Drop Dead – Laura Childs
  12. Dumb Witness – Agatha Christie
  13. Echoes in Death – J.D. Robb
  14. Drawing Conclusions – Deirdre Verne
  15. Brotherhood in Death – J.D. Robb
  16. Spells & Scones – Bailey Cates
  17. Drawing Blood – Deirdre Verne
  18. Crime & Poetry – Amanda Flower
  19. Twelve Angry Librarians – Miranda James
  20. Cat Got Your Diamonds – Julie Chase
  21. Prose & Cons – Amanda Flower
  22. A Killer Read – Erika Chase
  23. The Cracked Spine – Paige Shelton
  24. Death on the Nile – Agatha Christie
  25. My Secret Guide to Paris – Lisa Schroeder
  26. Sealed with a Secret – Lisa Schroeder
  27. Curiosity Thrilled the Cat – Sofie Kelly
  28. Town in a Blueberry Jam – B.B. Haywood
  29. Town in a Lobster Stew – B.B. Haywood
  30. Town in a Wild Moose Chase – B.B. Haywood
  31. Town in a Pumpkin Bash – B.B. Haywood
  32. Town in a Strawberry Swirl – B.B. Haywood
  33. Town in a Cinnamon Toast – B.B. Haywood
  34. Catering to Nobody – Diane Mott Davidson
  35. Town in a Maple Madness – B.B. Haywood
  36. Secrets in Death – J.D. Robb
  37. Appointment with Death – Agatha Christie
  38. All Birds Have Anxiety – Kathy Hoopmann
  39. Zoo Scientists to the Rescue – Patricia Newman
  40. Jammie Day – Carrie Snyder




Stack of books with 2017 Library Love Challenge written across it