Geneva Lee’s Romances

Welcome! Since Geneva Lee is one of my favorite super-steamy romance novelists, I thought I’d make a separate page just for reviews of her books. Part of what I love about her is that along with all the steamy action, there’s a plot and character development, lots of character development. I love her characters. They’re all so complex and so passionate, not just when it comes to love, but in other choices in their lives as well.

Command Me (Royals Saga #1)
4 out of 5 stars

Command Me: A Novel by Geneva Lee - book cover has grey wallpapered background and a pair of long, thin legs in black stockings and high-heeled black shoes with a red bottom

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I absolutely fell in love with, and am completely captivated by both Alexander and Clara. Alexander’s dominance and sexiness drew me in from the beginning and Clara’s own strengths and vulnerabilities counterbalances that. I enjoyed the way both characters grew throughout the book.

We first meet our heroine and hero at a graduation party of sorts at Oxford. Clara’s just graduated and Alexander was there with frenemies. She scolds him for smoking inside and he kisses her. While Clara vacillates between giving in to her fantasies/having a relationship with Alexander and having a “safe” life with her job and Belle, her best friend, eventually Alexander wins out.

Everything is not as it seems though given things in their past. Together and only together can they work to overcome these things and they do. Clara learns new things, including how exciting it can be to be submissive to someone. Alex learns how to temper his feelings in certain situations. I cried when Clara & Alexander were claiming each other’s bodies. It was such a powerful scene.

I certainly plan to devour book #2! I highly, highly recommend this book.

Conquer Me (Royals Saga #2)
5 out of 5 stars

Conquer Me: A Novel by New York Times Bestselling Author, Geneva Lee - cover has grey wallpaper with a woman dressed in only a bra and underwear being pressed against the wall by a man with no shirt, just pants.
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This is my favorite out of the three stories of Clara & Alexander. This book has so much character development and growth. Sure, there are a lot of steamy scenes, but Alexander and Clara have a relationship, not just sex. There’s a plot line outside of just sex. There are things happening in each character’s life that affects their relationships.

Though I will admit, the sex is absolutely spectacular. Incredibly hot scenes there and well-written without being too cliché. There are a few authors that I like their plot lines but their sex scenes are so full of cliches they drive me nuts. Not true with Geneva Lee’s books. The woman knows how to write a hot, steamy sex scene without using all those over done cliches.

The King is making no qualms about letting his opinion of their relationship be known. As far as he’s concerned, Clara’s just a tart that Alexander is screwing. The Royal Brat Pack (as Clara calls them) are being as mean as ever. And to top it off, all is not well in Clara’s parents’ marriage.

All of this, plus Clara’s job and the threat of her ex-boyfriend is looming large between them, but through all of it, Alexander and Clara seem to grow stronger together instead of being torn apart. Alexander’s never thought of himself as being capable of loving anyone, but after a traumatic event, he learns that he just can’t fight it anymore and finally admits to himself and to Clara that he loves her.

Crown Me (Royals Saga #3)
5 out of 5 stars

Crown Me: A Novel by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Geneva Lee - grey patterned wallpaper background - shirtless male sitting with a woman dressed in a negligee straddling his lap.
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A great ending to a terrific love story. As I’ve said before, I absolutely love Alexander and Clara. This book just takes their incredible story one step more.

The challenges that Alexander and Clara face in this installment of their story could easily tear a lesser couple apart, and almost succeed in tearing them apart. At the end of the previous book, Clara has told Alexander’s father that he’s not welcome in their home anymore because of the things he says about his son. This book starts up with that animosity still very much in play.

The king believes his son will come back and tow the line of duty and marry whomever the king chooses for him and not Clara. Unfortunately, Alexander is not about to be swayed. He loves Clara and he’s determined to marry her, even if not having his father’s permission means that his children, if they have any, will be considered illegitamite in the eyes of the monarchy. After the king gets nowhere in his “talks” with Alexander, the king tries to take the information to Clara to get her to change her mind about marrying Alexander. Instead, something Clara says ends up changing the king’s mind and the wedding goes on with his blessing and permission.

Those things along with their love, help them weather the storm that follows, the tragedies that descend. A lesser couple would’ve broken, and Alexander and Clara came close to breaking, but, in the end, they come out even stronger for it. I’m hoping that even tho’ this is technically the end of their story, Ms. Lee will include snapshots of them in the other Royal Sagas books. I’m not ready for their story to end!

Complete Me (Royals Saga #7)
4 out of 5 stars.
Royals: Complete Me by Geneva Lee - Red background with gold curly-ques in the corners and a silhouette of a crown in the center
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This was a good all-around end to the series.

There are obviously things that all the couples need to work through. Alexander still has his trust issues and Clara’s still fighting with him until he trusts her again and tells her what’s bothering him. Edward is still working to find the balance between his life, his friends, and David. Belle & Smith are still dealing with a few trust issues and dealing with wanting a baby. But the point is, they’re all working on their issues and working to better their relationships.

While in some ways, it’s very much a succinct “everything wrapped in a bow” ending, it’s neither too cliche nor too overly sweet. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so I’m not going to go into details. Just read it and you’ll see what I mean. I will definitely be re-reading these books throughout the years as I just absolutely love Alexander, Clara, Edward, David, Belle, and the rest!