Great Lakes Nature Guide – REVIEW

5 out of 5 stars


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This guide features over 400 species of plants and animals in the Great Lakes region. It includes extensive natural history, including animal behavior, ecology and range of species and native uses. There are color maps of the Great Lake States-NY, PA, OH, IN, MI, IL, MN and WI-showing parks and natural areas.

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Great Lakes Nature Guide by James S. McCormac & Krista Kagume is an excellent all-in-one guidebook. I originally borrowed this from my public library, but after only about a week, I realized just how handy it is in the field and went and bought a copy for myself.

The book is separated into two main parts – Animals & Plants. Then each section is broken down into sections based on the type of animal or plant. Each item identified has a picture of the plant or animal, a small paragraph about the subject, and a handy little section on where the plant or animal can be found.

Is this the most comprehensive guide on Great Lakes nature? No, but I’ve never found one that is as inclusive as this one. I used to carry different guidebooks with me to the park for birds, trees, flowers, mammals, reptiles, etc. Even tho’ each one was a rather compact volume, the quality photo paper they used made the books rather heavy. Now, I carry this guide with me and the few things I don’t find in it, I take pictures of and study more at home.

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