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Welcome! Today, I’m spotlighting The Ninja’s Illusion, the fifth book in the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery series by Gigi Pandian. The tour is brought to us by Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours!

Since this is the fifth book in the series and I’ve been burned by not reading the first few books in a series in the past, I decided to do a spotlight on the book instead of a review. I do plan on checking out the first book in the series, Artifact.

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The Ninja’s Illusion (A Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery)
by Gigi Pandian

The Ninja’s Illusion (A Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery)
5th in Series
Supernatural Cozy Mystery
Henery Press (October 3, 2017)
Paperback 257 pages
ISBN13: 9781635112511
E-Book ASIN: B073R141MQ

A fabled illusion performed by a stage magician who claims to possess real supernatural powers. A treasure from the colonial era in India when international supremacies vied for power. A phantom trading ship lost over 200 years ago. And a ninja whose murderous intentions in present-day Japan connect the deeds of a long-dead trader who was much more than he seemed…

When Jaya travels from San Francisco to Japan with her stage magician best friend Sanjay—a.k.a. The Hindi Houdini—for his Japanese debut, she jumps at the chance to pursue her own research that could solve a tantalizing centuries-old mystery.

With the colorful autumn leaves of historic Kyoto falling around her, Jaya soon loses sight of what’s real and what’s a deception. A mysterious ninja attempts sabotage on Sanjay’s trick, along with Japan’s most controversial magician, Akira. Ancient folklore blurs the lines between illusion and reality when a magician’s assistant appears to be a kitsune, a mythical fox spirit. As tricks escalate to murder, Jaya and her friends must unravel secrets hidden in the ancient capital of Japan, before one of their own becomes the next victim.


About The Author

USA Today bestselling author Gigi Pandian is the child of cultural anthropologists from New Mexico and the southern tip of India. She spent her childhood being dragged around the world, and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Gigi writes the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt mysteries, the Accidental Alchemist mysteries, and locked-room mystery short stories. Gigi’s fiction has been awarded the Malice Domestic Grant and Lefty Awards, and been nominated for Macavity and Agatha Awards. Sign up for her email newsletter at

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Cracked to Death – REVIEW

4 out of 5 stars.

Cracked to Death by Cheryl Hollon book cover - Standing inside Webb's Glass Shop looking out the front window - glass creations hanging from window and on display table, dog under the table

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When a treasure hunt leads to deadly plunder, it’s up to glass shop owner Savannah Webb and her trusty investigative posse to map out the true motives of a killer . . .

It’s the dog days of summer in St. Petersburg, Florida, and Webb’s Glass Shop proprietor Savannah Webb has an eco-friendly plan to help locals escape the heat–a recyclable bottle-crafting workshop taught by reticent store manager Amanda Blake. Turns out, the class is a bigger smash than expected, thanks in part to a pair of staggeringly old bottles brought in by snorkeler Martin Lane . . .

Linked to a storied pirate shipwreck, the relics definitely pique Savannah’s interest. But intrigue turns to shock when Martin’s lifeless body washes ashore the next morning, another glass artifact tucked in his dive bag. With cell phone records connecting Amanda to the drowning, Savannah must voyage through unchartered territory to exonerate her colleague and capture the twisted criminal behind Martin’s death . . .

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When I was chosen as one of the reviewers for “Cracked for Death”, the third in the Webb’s Glass Shop Mystery series by Cheryl Hollon, I was thrilled! I’ve been meaning to try this series for a long time, but we don’t own it at the library I work for. I’d been waiting for a good time to get it thru interlibrary loan, but this is even better. I was not disappointed at all. Even tho’ it was the first book that I had read in the series, I felt that Ms. Hollon definitely provided enough details about the characters for me to get the basic idea of how the main characters know each other and where they fit in each other’s lives.

I found the setting and the characters to be charming and wonderful. I’m already in love with Savannah and Jacob. Edward seems so wonderful and down-to-earth, yet ready to support Savannah in whatever she needs.  The plot line moved along steadily, even somewhat quickly. The villain ended up being someone whom I considered for a bit but then thought, no, not them, so it kept me guessing quite a bit.

The only thing that I didn’t like in the story line was that Amanda was so wishy-washy in telling her friends what was going on between her and the victim. I literally wanted to give the woman a “Gibbs slap” to the back of the head.

Outside of that however, I enjoyed this book very much and I’m looking forward to reading the first two books in this series!

[I received a free copy of this book from the author/publisher in exchange for my fair and honest review. My review was not influenced by this, nor was I compensated for my review. All opinions and conclusions are my own.]

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